This afternoon Zoe said to me, “Alexis says I have another father. A god who lives in the sky.”

Me: “Oh really?”

Zoe: “Yes she says he’s my Other Father.”

Me: “Some people believe in that.”

Zoe: “I don’t believe in that. I’ve never seen him.”

Me: “You’re very scientific.”

Zoe: “Wait! I saw a god once.”

Me: “Oh?”

Zoe: “Yes, I saw gods in Percy Jackson. They were very big and lived in the sky.”

Me: “Well some people believe just in Zeus. They call him different names.”

Zoe: “Oh. Well I don’t believe Zeus is my father.”

Me: “You can believe whatever you want.”

Zoe: “Good.”

Religious discussion of the day: handled.

* Zeus. As in father of Apollo, god of Mount Olympus, don’t f*ck with me or I’ll shove a lightning bolt up your ass, Zeus.

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4 thoughts on “Zeus*

  1. *lol*

    My kid asked about it a few times, she has a few friends who go to church and has gone with them once or twice. She asked about the notion of god, and I took the freudian approach to it. Mainly presented the facts and asked her what she thought.

    She thinks its stupid. LMAO!

    • My thought is that if she wants to believe, she can. If not, don’t. But have respect for the fact that people all believe different things, always personal. I know she won’t encounter that attitude elsewhere but I’m hopeful it’ll be hers.

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