Three years later…


I should probably update a few things.

This is our family:

WDW 2013

Yes, I bought the rights for my photo.

No, it’s not over and no I’m not going to discuss it.

So anyway…

As I write this, Zoe is 10 (almost 10 1/2). Holden is 8. The above photo was taken a few days before his birthday (and my 42nd).

Ha ha.

I will be using a lot of images to blog. I’m partial to gifs and yet I barely ever use my Tumblr.

Exactly, Mycroft.

I have this attitude:

I’m not averse to shutting down the comments because these are all the fucks I give:

Wingapo, doucheweasel

I should probably try to be “professional” in some capacity (i.e. not be myself).

It might be here somewhere…

I write. A lot. It’s private, like a secret goldfish.

I publish when I feel like it. I’m more into creating and working.

I was a Girl Scout leader for a couple years in there. I was pretty good at it. But outside of the meetings it was a huge quagmire.

“Hey, I’m a huge quagmire!”

I have some Pinterest boards that may amuse you.They amuse the hell out of me.

I could really go for some cake right about now. But I’m lazy and have no cake made. I have Jammie Dodgers though.

Now I’m just rambling…

And I’m writing this late and night but posting it early on another day just because I can and I’m a rebel like that.

4 thoughts on “Three years later…

  1. Just by blogging you’ve surpassed my output. Two blogs, a Tumblr…and so little said or written.
    The kids are getting so big!! (Alex is seconds from towering over me.) ‘
    Keep being you. Keep being awesome.

    • Hey, you had a hand in this too. When you were like “I still blog” I was all, “Huh. Maybe I should be doing that instead of just sitting on my hands. Everyone is entitled to my opinions.” :)

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